Yumiko's Gallery


My name is Yumiko. I am a young, passionate and spontaneous Japanese woman born in Britain. I have inherited the best of both lands, and to tell you the truth, I am the oriental girl that will make you drop all your inhibitions and get to explore some serious and spontaneous stuff with one of the best international massages.

Independent Masseuse in Canary Wharf, London VIP Independent Masseuse in Canary Wharf Building up erotic passion and then finding a release is very exciting. Being a VIP Asian Masseuse London, I should know this.

I have been an masseuse long enough and to know that everyone has some deep rooted wild fantasy within them, something that they wish they could bring out but they simply do not know how. Such men look for a beautiful independent masseuse in London, Canary Wharf, or Greenwich. Finding an exclusive Japanese masseuse will give you the rare opportunity to explore your wildest fantasies at your own pace.

If you do not know what you want, just come to me and I will help you find out. Your erotic energy lies within like a caged tiger and it will take the best of the masseuses London to release that wild animal and let him go free. If you come to me, there will be no inhibitions whatsoever. Exclusive Independent masseuse in Canary Wharf. I set out to become one of the best London masseuses.

I knew I had one big advantage – that of being oriental by birth and at the same time, having grown up in London, I did acquire the manners of an English lady. If you wish me to dress up and step to a high profile dinner with you, I am your girl. Just say the word. Being an independent masseuse, I am able to go wherever I wish or wherever business calls me without any hindrances at all.

Whether it is an in-call or out-call, I am the girl to call. I am not only very beautiful, with a wonderful figure, but I also have a very passionate naughty side. Tell me your wild desires and we will explore them together. Not being chained to any of the East London masseuses services keeps me free to increase the size of my service area.

From Camberley to Farnborough, Bracknell to Aldershot, I am always ready to go. I am one of the most beautiful Sexy London UK masseuses – the kind of girl that your mom warned you about. I offer VIP masseuse service Sometimes, a cheap London masseuses will just not do, depending on the client. I am exclusively, a VIP masseuse and will only give companionship to VIP men of my choice.

From my choice of dress, food, wine and residence, it spells just one word – luxury. I suggest we start with a long, relaxing full body massage, fine dining at a high-class restaurant and then a long night of passionate lovemaking, exploring many sensual trips that you have never taken before and then some.

I will respect you, and your need for discretion. Knowing when not to cross the line is what has kept me in the top of the list of the best masseuses. I can also serve you on out-call basis in Woking, Canary Wharf, London or wherever you are. I am very beautiful, with a firm figure and a medium bust. If you love naughty and adventurous, the kind of girl that will drive you rock hard in an instance, I will play just that.

Who says that exclusive is expensive? Being independent means there are no attached fees and therefore I can easily be one of the cheap masseuses London wink – wink lol, but I will give you value for your time, you will see. I will lay your fears to rest and let you explore and experience your sexuality and passion in a way that you have never experienced before.

If you look at my  gallery page, you will see all of my images in full glory. Now, let me tell you something; what you see is what you get. That is why I am one of the best exclusive London Bridge Masseuses. If I say I can do it, I can do it. If you think I am a good package for your wildest dreams, go ahead and contact me. Seeing is believing. I am your elite Asian masseuse London for in-call and out-call service. Arranging for an in-call service with me is very easy.

You contact me, I reply and confirm and then you wait for me to send you the details. I will tell you the time and the address. Yours is to get ready for the passion safari of a lifetime with a high class Japanese independent masseuse. Please reply to me so that we can make better arrangements and eventually get to meet in the place I will tell you in the message I will send you.

Please book in advance for an exclusive VIP treatment I prefer that my clients book in advance. When you have booked in advance, I get the opportunity to prepare an exclusive deal for you and to serve you much better. If you are in Canary Wharf, feel free to contact me, look at my images in the gallery and if you like what you see, you can be sure that the real deal is even much better.

I only entertain white Americans and western Europeans, Koreans, Japanese. This is purely my choice, not out of bias or anything, but I am a professional at what I do, and I serve my guests with total discretion and respect.