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A warm welcome to London Massage! We are excited and happy that we finally launched our dedicated website for Massages in London, a place where you can find real professional profiles.

Our aim is to offer you that one special place where you can go with confidence and trust for a nice relaxing massage. There are many websites out there, so many that we cannot count or keep track of them, but how many of them actually promote real profiles and services ?

Some of you know and some not, but in this “industry” there is a very common method used called “B&S” ( bait and switch ) and using “over-photoshopped” photos to attract people. This is something that we do not tolerate or will help promote not now and not ever.

This is the main reason we launched this website, so when you do visit a masseuse you do actually see the provider in the photos and get the massage as advertised. Of course, we cannot always guarantee this because we cannot track or monitor massage providers, but we do however moderate the reviews so if a particular service provider has too many bad reviews we will remove it from our listing.

What happens in a “B&S” massage situation ?

In a “B&S” ( bait and switch ) situation, you normally book for a massage after viewing a very sexy and hot masseuse in your eyes but when you get to the location someone else opens the door. Pretty disappoiting huh ? 🙁 This is a simple example of “B&S” method, there are many other situations that we cannot even foresee.

We really try hard to accept only proper authentic providers on our website so you will never have to be in such situation, ever.


“Over-photoshopped” photos ? What do you mean ?

This is something that many fall for, and it’s because some photos are so edited that makes someone look like a real model. There is a very nice article on how to spot edited photos here.

Again, we try really hard to accept only authentic listings so you will “get what you see”. We recommend you do a bit of research on your own if you really want to make sure that the photos you see for a masseuse are real. A good advice is to try and use “search google for this image”, if you see that particular photo in a magazine… it’s clear it’s a fake photo.


Do you collect any personal info about me ?

Absolutely not. We do not collect any personal information about you when you browse our website, the only information we collect is normal Google Analytics statistics, like where the page has been access from, which page, etc.

You can browse with confidence our website that nobody will track you from our side, of course this excludes your ISP… etc. A good advice from us is to consider using a browser called FireFox Focus. This browser will stop any tracking, annoying ads, and it will delete your history after every browsing.


I would like to stay up to date, how ?

If you would like us to notify you every time a new provider is added onto our website, all you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter. We will not send you anything else than a simple email when on a weekly/monthly basis.

You can manage your subscription anytime, cancel it, do whatever you want to do; it’s completely up to your discretion. A good advice from us is to create a rule in your e-mail inbox to move all the emails from “London Massage” to some folder, or you can even redirect them to another email for example. This is if your privacy is really important and you do not want anyone to see your emails.

If you would like to subscribe, please do so here: https://london-massage.me/newsletter/ or on our Homepage.

Is massage considered cheating ?

Unfortunately everyone has a different opinion, at the end of the day it’s your choice what to believe and think. There are plenty articles out there on this subject, a good one for you to read can be found here.


Why called “London Massage” ?

This is an interesting question, one which we will try to answer as best as we can. Basically the most popular place/area for massages in United Kingdom are in London, so our main focus is to create a popular directory listing for massages for London areas for now. We do have plans and ideas to create for other locations as well in the near future.


If you have suggestions on how to make our website better and more easy to use, please do get in touch. We would love to hear some feedback from you, even if you are a service provider or just a regular customer that goes for massage services, everything bit of feedback is welcomed.

Now that you are familiar with our website, have a look around and find yourself a masseuse! 🙂


*Please note that this website is a directory only and is not a massage agency.  Any service featured on this website has nothing to do with us, we do not endorse or recommend any service, please do your own research before using the services of any company or independent masseuse featured on this website. For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.

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